Friday, June 3, 2011

Presentation Styles

I have been looking at ways to present my boards. I want to keep the voyeurism aspect. I want to reflect the concept of "the gaze". The gaze was originally a concept talking about how women were objectified in art. When they did not look at the camera they were letting the men watch them. I want to use "the gaze" but show how ideas about women and men have changed, and a power shift. I think by having the style of the Agent Provocateur add below in a voyeuristic film still- but with an androgynous male model, this could be a good way to represent my idea.
 I really like the dark lighting. Almost black and white with skin tones- like my collection. I also like the time running. Shows the film element well.
 I have also been looking contact sheets to show my range plan, mood board... The grid is an interesting layout and reflects my concept.

I like the black and white element. I want to keep a very dark background, keeps a clean, professional, film strip and voyeuristic feel.

Could take images in a slow progression. Could be an idea for the mood or illustration boards?

I want to try a male model in pin up style poses.
Before the photo shoot I need make more of my designs to show my concept.

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  1. Would you mind if I used the third image for a student project I am doing on a graphic design course I am doing in Brighton. I am a mature student.
    Many thanks