Friday, June 3, 2011

Images from my Photo Shoot

I have tried to take voyeuristic, dark style photographs almost of an old fashioned porn scene. I have been trying to represent gender bending though a male model in feminine clothing to try and express the beauty in cross dressing. 
 Potential Fabric and colour board. Shows the natural skin tones, with my fabric i have used in the garments on a dark background.
 An example of how the nipple necklace could be worn. Would be good on the features page.

 I really like this voyeuristic angle. Looking through the door, like you are walking in on something private.
 I have tried showing the idea of turing the "gaze" onto yourself. So by choosing the clothing you are in control. However as I did not have access to a tri pod this did not translate so well in film.
 Experimenting with ways to use and incorporate the fur.

 I love this image. Shows my concept of gender bending drag, bondage with a almost pornographic pin up aspect.

One of the garments I have made.

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