Sunday, May 22, 2011

Target Market

Image from Russh Magazine
My target market is going to be aimed at high-mig end market, twentyish, androgynous, boundary pushing, postmodernist. They choose clothes for their original, creative and expressive quality. They wear their clothing as a way to express their identity, and identifiable gender.  
Vice magazine is the kind of market I want to address. They aim to be dirty, shocking and unique. The Vice fashion Do’s and Don’ts are a combination of fashion and outrageous people. I really like the combination. Also the combination of art and fashion in Russh and Oyster. They spend their nights in Wellington at Mighty Might with its slight burlesque influence, also people like to dress up outrageous, Fringe if they are tranny’s, S & M, Ivy...
Image from Vice
As this is a market where people are paying more money to choose tier clothing so there are many things that need to be considered.
As it is a big market there needs to be options for a range in body shapes. Also as I am designing for the androgynous male or female there will be a huge range in bodyshape. Knit wear and loose clothes would be a good idea to consider in my designs.
I also need to consider ethical considerations. Will my target market pay more if the clothing is made in New Zealand? At this stage this is not a huge factor because I want there to be nice fabrics, and a lot of detail that will cost.

Customisation is an important concept for the high to mid market. If the customer is able to customise parts of the designs to make their garment more unique they will feel it expresses themselves and their identity. I could consider changeable fastenings to allow for body shape and size ranges.
Care is another important consideration when designing my garments. Will my target market dry clean? This is for clothing such as tailored garments, silk and wool. Is hand washing an option? Does it have to be easy care or only for the washing machine. Do they travel-does the garment need to be crease resistant? At this stage I am thinking of my target market as living a fast, rough, messy and care free life. There for my clothes need to be easy care and durable. However if they are paying a lot for them this would make someone more precious about their clothes.
I need to consider what the target market expects from comfort- as bondage is not usually too comfortable. The durability of a garment is also important. Fast Fashion falls apart after one or two wears. Some garments only designed to last a short time, where as a coat very important for it to last a longer time as it is an expensive garment. I need to consider what garment will be used for and what will the target market expect from the garment.
Also I need to consider: Function? What is it used for? How is it worn? When? Why is-waterproof, weather, warmth? What does the customer look for when buying the garment? Fabric Selection? What this means for the quality and way the garment is constructed? Seam finishes? How would it look on the hanger? What will the target market be looking for in clothing in 2012? What will be happening at this time?
Might Mighty (Image from their myspace)
For my designs I want to keep the burlesque/bondage and gender bending concept. I think keeping with traditional shapes would be an interesting approach to looking at breaking binaries of gender.

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