Monday, May 2, 2011


 Andrej Pejic - androgynous model

My project is concerned with gender identity. I aim to explore contemporary society’s view on the way fashion represents gender identification. Today, stunning androgynous and transsexual models are already part of high fashion. What could be available and ready to wear in Autumn/Winter 2012 for mid-high end fashion? I want to step away from dramatic drag and design a wearable collection for the androgynous gender. I want my designs to reflect post-modernity’s queer theory, that biological sex is not important, rather the way the person chooses to represent their fluid gender. The allure of not knowing or needing to know their gender is exciting and often beautiful.
I intend to explore the way different shaped clothing can influence traditional understandings of binary gender. By breaking the divide of masculine and feminine conventions, my target market will be able to choose pieces from a unisex range to represent how they identify themselves and what they want to express and reflect.
For my target market clothing important way they represent themselves. My target market is around the age of twenty, open minded, edgy, alternative, likes to shock, doesn’t follow fashions directly but chooses clothes for their unique qualities for their own personal look. I want keep the texture, lines and colours from my last collection but perhaps duller and toned down with more details.

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