Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reflection From Last Project

Was your message clear in your concept board and design work?
I think my message was quite clear in my design boards. The hyper sexualisation of drag was clear through the use of prosthetic body pats. My drawings could have been better to show the change from fake body parts into real body with more contrast but that was only because of the loose Egon Schiele style I used. The drag concept came through especially with the use of the shiny fabrics and sequins.
What were you trying to say/express? Represent? Remind yourself?
I was trying to show gender as a performance though drag, in a way to be confronting about the way society gazes at gender.
Can you say it better?
I think the way to say it better is to put my concept into a realistic setting. Although my last range expressed the concept about gender as a fluid performance, this is not really accessible to most people as it is more of a costume. I need to say this idea without the concept of drag rather that in today’s society gender is no longer a binary divide. I want there to be a fluid combination of clothing for both sexes through unisex clothing. This is becoming more acceptable in society; I want to keep pushing this.
Also the sportswear aspect I don’t think i want to carry on with. It was good for the eccentric drag character but for my ready to wear i want to design clothing that people to wear in their everyday lives and events.
What was important in the last collection?
The focus on body shape, as this it they strongest thing that no matter how people externally look on the outside they have different bodies underneath.
Is your design signature expanding? What might be your design signature?
Although I want to keep my garments very unisex my style is quite feminine, particularly in my drawings and it is hard to translate feminine style into hard masculine garments. My drawing style from the last project was always natural, soft, organic lines and the colours watery pinks. So I need to keep this in mind when trying to show uni-gendered garments. 
How well did i communicate it?
 I think communicated my ideas alright. I liked the way the style reflected the mood I wanted to represent. However I do think next time I need a lot more photos, and I would really love to do a photo shoot and construct some garments as i think this would be a lot more effect in showing the audience the style, mood and kind of person the garment is designed for.
What worked?

I think the colours were successful. I would like to keep the pink skin tones with the pearl and black accents. Although for a ready to wear collection I need to consider the androgynous male and tone everything down.
I also liked the head pieces; they were all in a skull cap this took hair out of the picture (as it usually goes under a wig). So gender associations from the hair cannot be made. I need to consider this in my project.
Workbook Drawing

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