Saturday, January 8, 2011

Market Research

Higher End
Wellington stores such as Zambezi, Scotties, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, World, Alexandre Owen and Unity.

The store is very spacious, subtle, simple and understated. There are large open windows, wooden floors and clean lines. Very well lit with a spacious layout. The clothing had a lot of statement pieces and accessories pieces.


Zambezi was my favourite store. The stores atmosphere reflects the clothing. Dark mood portrays the feeling the clothes. Cool inspiring photography on the walls. Not overcrowded but spacious. One assistant was nice. Installations and a mirror to make space bigger.

Mid Market
Good as Gold, Starfish, Area 51, Cue, Max, Witchery and Country Road.

This store was very over crowded and cramped, not helped by the low ceiling. Although more expensive then mass market the sewing and fabric quality was no better. There were too many shop assistants. Hard to identify the feel of the store, there was makeup, shoes and accessories with a middle aged feel for older people dressing slightly younger.


Much better lay out than Witchery. The larger store was spread out but still full of stuff. The layout had the newer stuff at front and the older clothes at back. Professional, good customer service and well lit.

Mass Fashion
Glassons, Sussan, The Wharehouse, Supre, Jay Jays.


The store reflects a very clean, feminine style. Natural lighting with additional bright lights. The busy store is divided into new and old by a wall in middle of shop. Very fast fashion that changes weekly. Stocks three kinds of clothing, basic, trend and dressy.

Jay Jays

Designed to attract a younger  about 13ish skate feel. The store feels tacky, cheap, bright and badly made clothes. Dull lighting that is pretty cramped with stuff all the way up the very high walls very hard to see clothes.


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