Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looking at Kitsch Objects to Represent Gender in my Designs

Judy Darragh has been named "Queen of Kitsch". She works with found materials. I really like the concept of her work, the plastic, tacky, cheap all have connotations of gender -flowers, colours, fetal....
Image from http://emawilliams.wordpress.com

 I have tried out making little buttons for the garments, so they have a point of difference that the target market will be drawn to. I wanted to make little gender symbols. These are trials I have made with flesh toned fimo.

I really love this dress. I particularly lovw how it could subtly make references to nipples, but it is still very wearable- you could only read what you wanted to.  Also I like the length and fabric.
 I have tried to make my own fabric in my own colours. I have used water based paint on a very soft floaty fabric and when it dried it was stiff. Not sure how good this looks. Could try out the scale and colours..
 Looking at strips of leather to make subtle references to bondage, skin colour is a lot less obvious than black.

 I have also got some skin coloured leather and I have bee trying out ways to print a spotty subtle nipple pattern. The first is paint- I'm not sure how well this will stay. I do like the colour scheme though.
 I have also tried stitching into the leather. Very time consuming and not that effective. But it would be durable, and more subtle than the other.

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