Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking at a 1950's Influence

I have been having a lot of trouble conveying my idea with the designs. I know the colours and fabrics I want to use but I think it would be helpful to bring in a style or era into my designs to make them stronger and link as a collection better.

I have been thinking about incorporating the 1950's style clothing. This would be a really interesting contrast to my nude, bondage collection. The 50's was a direct opposite to an androgynous, pan gender view on society. There were huge differences between gender and the way they dresses. The ideas about the sexes were very different to my target market, and I think it would be very interesting to have a contrast of a 50' cardy with a nipple pattern, and a see through dress. It could be a very interesting way to represent my gender.

Looking at 1950's icons and fashion.

 Long fur coat, Love this piece. Would easily translate into a contemporary A/W collection. Show the luxury and wealth of a woman in the 50's.
 Audry Hepburn. This dress is simple, classic and famous glamour.  High necked, tight dress with elbow gloves. A very simple and statement black dress. Chokers, and short necklaces were popular at this time. I like this concept of covering up the neck- opposite of what my target market would normally wear.
 Big skirts were very common for women- perhaps I could try this look for men in my collection?
 Domesticated woman. This image reminds me of Cindy Sherman's images. I want to look at her and the way she has photographed women.

 I love the long drape of the garments, and the lace.
Mad Men, this is where I have got most of my 50's influence because I have been watching the show as I have been designing. The women have their secretary outfits, and their house wife outfits (as seen in this picture). The men are always in a suit, shirt, tie, and trousers. All of the fabrics on the show are tight and not very stretchy- restricting. They all have collars and high necks and circle skirts. The binaries between men and women are very strong. Women are sex as sex objects, and domestic slaves to their husbands.

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