Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Galliano and Gaultier

 I like the colour scheme and the fabrics. Not sure if it would be ready to wear for many people.
 I really like the oversize bra and frills. The exaggerated scale is very effective to show the underwear idea.
 Like the soft fabric and colours bound with an over bondage underwear.

 I think these shorts are perfect for my collection. They are very wearable and look kind of like underwear. The black gives them a wearable look.

 I love the idea of tights.Also the piece around the waist. Great play of traditional masculine suit.
 See through dress on men. A good look. Although is there a market for it in 2012?
 I really like the combination of fabrics. Great for a winter collection.
I like the look of an open lace shirt.

I have been looking at combining frills, collared shirts, undies/shorts, high stockings, see through fabrics, binding up- inspired by John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.(Images from

I am liking the layering of soft and collars. I still feel like I need a really strong idea. I also need to consider all kinds of winter garments.

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