Monday, May 23, 2011

Fabric Texture Research- Nipple Leather

Glassons currently has this nipple pattern wallet on sale in stores all over New Zealand. If people are buying and getting into this idea in 2011, then I can bring in this idea stronger for the 2012 range. This is a very bad photograph of my wallet, but the colours are all skin tones, and the spots are a subtle nipple pattern- to many people they could choose to see only spots. 

I have come across Nicola Costantino a sculptural artist who has taken a mold form the human body. I love these accessories. This clearly represents ideas surrounding femininity and gender. The extremely realistic sense gives the work a human, fleshy, grotesque element yet still slightly glamorous and high fashion. They definitely are individual and stand out.

The "male nipple corset" has elements of the burlesque influence I wanted to bring in

I like the use of hair too. Even more human realism- also hair can have many associations with gender.     

All of her work is on her website:

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