Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exploring Ways to Break Traditional Gender Binaries in Dress

What are symbols of femininity and masculinity?

Hips, boobs, waist, bum, curved body shape constructed by clothing, frills, skirts, flowers, hats, head bands, tight fitting clothing, short skirts/shorts, soft fabrics, bras, shoulder pads, waists, transparent fabrics, beading, glitter, shiny, hair? Almost anything a woman wears is acceptable in today's society.  Except perhaps a moustache. 

Broad shoulders, flat chest, snail trail, can have more body hair, shorter hair? straight body, stiff collared shirt, formal wear is very restricting, straight lines patterns are limited, straight restricting formal wear, casual wear cotton t shirt, singlet- longer singlets (and long trench coats), shorts. A lot more limited than women. Colours usually range in black, grey, blue. Clothing is more simple, patterns usually convey a masculine pattern, 
Skinny jeans are a part of make wardrobe with some stretch, often men's clothing does not seem as comfortable, for example tights.

Long trousers, collared shirts, leather, cotton, t shirts, shorts, jackets...  
Ways to introduce a ready to wear collection for 2012 that will enable a change in binary ideas. A uni sex wardrobe. I think that way to design my collection is to design so that there are strong ascent pieces in the collection, and more subtle. I like the idea of joining the opposites to represent the idea of contrasting pierces.

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