Sunday, May 29, 2011

Agent Provocateur - Presenting my Concept

 Agent Provocateur Add campaign is a lingerie in the style of raunchy film. They are filmed with dim lighting, peeping and strong sexual references. I like the camera in this film still as it references the gaze, and watching- Strong concept in gender and how the gaze is flipped onto men as well these days.
 This image is through the door- emphasising the gaze- secretive peeping.

I really like the black and white quality. Almost old fashioned and timeless.  

I think this style would be a great way to show my garments for the illustration boards. I want to try and keep the colours simple, black, while and skin tones.

I want to have my images in the poses like these images only a man. I want the images to look very beautiful, sensual, gender bending.

Perhaps the layout could be in the format of a film still?

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