Sunday, May 29, 2011

1950's Advertising

 I want to look at the way women were depicted in advertisements for ideas for my final boards.

This style could be for my illustrations. A layout of 8-10 drawings for my lineup in this style and poses could show the 50's well. The only problem is I need to draw a model that is unidentifiable of their gender, as the poses are traditionally very feminine. 
 There was also the style of advertising where the fashion images were fake, happy and perfect looking. I could try this look for my illustration, but with a male model.
 Bettie Page is a good link to bring my bondage influence into the1950's style. I have tried to incorporate the look of her underwear into my collection. The poses and setting could be a good way to try and bring in my concept boards.
All of these are very different to the Sisely advertisements I have been looking at, I want to bring both together to project my concept.

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