Monday, May 30, 2011

Pin Up Boys

In the 50's there was only pin up girls. It objectified women. Now days there is also objectifying men for the woman's pleasure. I want to look at putting a male model in these traditionally "pin up" positions to show my gender bending theme.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cindy Sherman's Film Stills

I have been looking at Cindy Sherman because of the way she depicts women. The angles, poses and settings are very important. I think this would be a good style for me to incorporate into my boards.

Untitled Film Stills # 21, Cindy Sherman, 1978. Sherman reveals gender as an unstable and constructed position, which suggests that there is no innate biological female identity.
Contemporary art often addresses conceptual concepts with political and social significance. Color and color contrasts can contribute to these conceptual meanings.

The American feminist artist Cindy Sherman (1954) is famous for the Untitled Film Stills series (1977-1980) that consist of black-and-white photographs of the artist posing in different stereotypical female roles. Although she poses for her photographs, Sherman’s pictures are not self-portraits in a traditional sense.

Sherman focuses on the consequences of society’s stereotyped roles for women — in this case as a victim of fashion — rather than upon the roles themselves.

Modeling in several roles, she reveals gender as an unstable and constructed position, which suggests that there is no innate biological female identity. On the contrary, women adopt several roles and identities depending on their circumstances. 

Information from

Mirrors, clothes and beds are all important to set the scene for the images.

Agent Provocateur - Presenting my Concept

 Agent Provocateur Add campaign is a lingerie in the style of raunchy film. They are filmed with dim lighting, peeping and strong sexual references. I like the camera in this film still as it references the gaze, and watching- Strong concept in gender and how the gaze is flipped onto men as well these days.
 This image is through the door- emphasising the gaze- secretive peeping.

I really like the black and white quality. Almost old fashioned and timeless.  

I think this style would be a great way to show my garments for the illustration boards. I want to try and keep the colours simple, black, while and skin tones.

I want to have my images in the poses like these images only a man. I want the images to look very beautiful, sensual, gender bending.

Perhaps the layout could be in the format of a film still?

1950's Advertising

 I want to look at the way women were depicted in advertisements for ideas for my final boards.

This style could be for my illustrations. A layout of 8-10 drawings for my lineup in this style and poses could show the 50's well. The only problem is I need to draw a model that is unidentifiable of their gender, as the poses are traditionally very feminine. 
 There was also the style of advertising where the fashion images were fake, happy and perfect looking. I could try this look for my illustration, but with a male model.
 Bettie Page is a good link to bring my bondage influence into the1950's style. I have tried to incorporate the look of her underwear into my collection. The poses and setting could be a good way to try and bring in my concept boards.
All of these are very different to the Sisely advertisements I have been looking at, I want to bring both together to project my concept.

The Good Wife-1955

This is an article from a women's magazine in 1955. It is giving the housewife tips about how to be the perfect wife. This way this is written it completely unbelievable for today's views. The way society (especially my target market) has changed is a direct contrast. It is the woman's job to please her man. This was they way society worked. It is interesting how gender roles were so set, where as today I am designing a uni sex range, where you cant tell whether it masculine or feminine. I want to play on the binaries to represent the change in views. 

Looking at a 1950's Influence

I have been having a lot of trouble conveying my idea with the designs. I know the colours and fabrics I want to use but I think it would be helpful to bring in a style or era into my designs to make them stronger and link as a collection better.

I have been thinking about incorporating the 1950's style clothing. This would be a really interesting contrast to my nude, bondage collection. The 50's was a direct opposite to an androgynous, pan gender view on society. There were huge differences between gender and the way they dresses. The ideas about the sexes were very different to my target market, and I think it would be very interesting to have a contrast of a 50' cardy with a nipple pattern, and a see through dress. It could be a very interesting way to represent my gender.

Looking at 1950's icons and fashion.

 Long fur coat, Love this piece. Would easily translate into a contemporary A/W collection. Show the luxury and wealth of a woman in the 50's.
 Audry Hepburn. This dress is simple, classic and famous glamour.  High necked, tight dress with elbow gloves. A very simple and statement black dress. Chokers, and short necklaces were popular at this time. I like this concept of covering up the neck- opposite of what my target market would normally wear.
 Big skirts were very common for women- perhaps I could try this look for men in my collection?
 Domesticated woman. This image reminds me of Cindy Sherman's images. I want to look at her and the way she has photographed women.

 I love the long drape of the garments, and the lace.
Mad Men, this is where I have got most of my 50's influence because I have been watching the show as I have been designing. The women have their secretary outfits, and their house wife outfits (as seen in this picture). The men are always in a suit, shirt, tie, and trousers. All of the fabrics on the show are tight and not very stretchy- restricting. They all have collars and high necks and circle skirts. The binaries between men and women are very strong. Women are sex as sex objects, and domestic slaves to their husbands.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mood Board Concepts

Sisley Brand
Sisley is a clothing label. All of these adds are to sell their clothing. In a lot of these they arnt even wearing colthes. Its about selling to the target market am image-what the label is about. All of the images are making references to drugs and sex- It makes the label appear bad, exicting, sexy and the target market wants it.

This is the kind of thing I really want to look at for my mood board. I like the idea of taking a inspirational image to set the mood.I think I want to take my own. 

John Galliano Fall 2011 RTW

This outfit is kind of the look I am going for. This outfit would look great on a male model. I Like the see trough, collared shirt underneath, with the hem the shape of the bottom of the garter belt (burlesque reference). Big over coat, with fur coat covering the body -almost part of the burlesque seduction- pulling off. I think I should look at adding black to the collection. Black is very wearable for everyone.

The make up is also a key part to making this whole collection, it sets the mood for the garment. I need to keep this all in mind when working on my mood board. 

Galliano and Gaultier

 I like the colour scheme and the fabrics. Not sure if it would be ready to wear for many people.
 I really like the oversize bra and frills. The exaggerated scale is very effective to show the underwear idea.
 Like the soft fabric and colours bound with an over bondage underwear.

 I think these shorts are perfect for my collection. They are very wearable and look kind of like underwear. The black gives them a wearable look.

 I love the idea of tights.Also the piece around the waist. Great play of traditional masculine suit.
 See through dress on men. A good look. Although is there a market for it in 2012?
 I really like the combination of fabrics. Great for a winter collection.
I like the look of an open lace shirt.

I have been looking at combining frills, collared shirts, undies/shorts, high stockings, see through fabrics, binding up- inspired by John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.(Images from

I am liking the layering of soft and collars. I still feel like I need a really strong idea. I also need to consider all kinds of winter garments.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looking at Kitsch Objects to Represent Gender in my Designs

Judy Darragh has been named "Queen of Kitsch". She works with found materials. I really like the concept of her work, the plastic, tacky, cheap all have connotations of gender -flowers, colours, fetal....
Image from

 I have tried out making little buttons for the garments, so they have a point of difference that the target market will be drawn to. I wanted to make little gender symbols. These are trials I have made with flesh toned fimo.

I really love this dress. I particularly lovw how it could subtly make references to nipples, but it is still very wearable- you could only read what you wanted to.  Also I like the length and fabric.
 I have tried to make my own fabric in my own colours. I have used water based paint on a very soft floaty fabric and when it dried it was stiff. Not sure how good this looks. Could try out the scale and colours..
 Looking at strips of leather to make subtle references to bondage, skin colour is a lot less obvious than black.

 I have also got some skin coloured leather and I have bee trying out ways to print a spotty subtle nipple pattern. The first is paint- I'm not sure how well this will stay. I do like the colour scheme though.
 I have also tried stitching into the leather. Very time consuming and not that effective. But it would be durable, and more subtle than the other.