Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Gazing into Gender Bending

For the first part of this assignment I have been concerned with the way we gaze at gender. Inspired by voyeurism in society I was interested in the way gender is represented in fashion. Post-modernity’s Queer Theory is concerned with gender identity. In queer theory nothing within your identity is fixed. When considering the way we gaze at gender in a postmodern society we are addressed with the concept that gender and identity is a fluid social and cultural construct. Gender is a performance, not necessarily a chosen one. Drag is a dramatic performance breaking the binary divide of masculinity and femininity. I have focused on drag to emphasise the representation of gender in a very confronting way. Along with having boobs and a penis, drag culture also puts characteristics of gendered stereotypes like caricatures with bold make up, and a package to make you want to look at, and are confronted with the idea that there are no binary genders, only a fluid and continually evolving concept of gender in today’s society.

Hussein Chalayan Fall-Winter 2009
I have represented this concept in my collection with tight underwear and sportswear to emphasise their silhouette with fake boobs and bum to shape the drag. Through prosthetic body parts sewn in as part of the garments I have emphasised their gender in a confronting way. Not only does the high-cut tights and exposed prosthetic bum g-strings making you look at the body and begin to change society’s view on the way gender is constructed.


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