Friday, June 3, 2011

Mood Board

Final Illustration Boards

Features Board

These samples are the key features of my collection. The nipple buttons, the burlesque underwear and frilly femine fabrics on a man. I like the close up of the soft skin, nipples and hair.

Colour Board

Trying the film strip layout. Needed to lighten it up a lot from the firs prin. Really like the texture of the leather wrinkles comming through. Looks like skin.

Working on my Range Plan

In my range plan, there is not too many selection of colours because I wanted to keep it all in a tight colour range. I wanted the choice to be in nude flesh tones or black. Therefore it can easily be matched with any garment and I like the idea of the 50's style matching skirt and top conbination.

 Titles for my range plan.
This s my favourite image representing my collection, how the garmetns are to be worn and the vouristic feel. I really like the tv stripes to make the viewer feel as they are looking throught a tv screen.

In this image I have tried the title  as in fades in in movies.
My images I took were slightly blury because I could't get strong enough lighting or a tripod, but I think in this case this effect works.

Images from my Photo Shoot

I have tried to take voyeuristic, dark style photographs almost of an old fashioned porn scene. I have been trying to represent gender bending though a male model in feminine clothing to try and express the beauty in cross dressing. 
 Potential Fabric and colour board. Shows the natural skin tones, with my fabric i have used in the garments on a dark background.
 An example of how the nipple necklace could be worn. Would be good on the features page.

 I really like this voyeuristic angle. Looking through the door, like you are walking in on something private.
 I have tried showing the idea of turing the "gaze" onto yourself. So by choosing the clothing you are in control. However as I did not have access to a tri pod this did not translate so well in film.
 Experimenting with ways to use and incorporate the fur.

 I love this image. Shows my concept of gender bending drag, bondage with a almost pornographic pin up aspect.

One of the garments I have made.

Presentation Styles

I have been looking at ways to present my boards. I want to keep the voyeurism aspect. I want to reflect the concept of "the gaze". The gaze was originally a concept talking about how women were objectified in art. When they did not look at the camera they were letting the men watch them. I want to use "the gaze" but show how ideas about women and men have changed, and a power shift. I think by having the style of the Agent Provocateur add below in a voyeuristic film still- but with an androgynous male model, this could be a good way to represent my idea.
 I really like the dark lighting. Almost black and white with skin tones- like my collection. I also like the time running. Shows the film element well.
 I have also been looking contact sheets to show my range plan, mood board... The grid is an interesting layout and reflects my concept.

I like the black and white element. I want to keep a very dark background, keeps a clean, professional, film strip and voyeuristic feel.

Could take images in a slow progression. Could be an idea for the mood or illustration boards?

I want to try a male model in pin up style poses.
Before the photo shoot I need make more of my designs to show my concept.

Working on Working drawings

I have started on my working drawings. They still need a lot of photo shopping. I have used the male figure, because I thought the woman silhouette was too curved and did not reflect my unisex collection.

New Fabrics

I have decided to add in fake leather to my project. The skin colour and wrinkly texture goes well with my concept. For this garment I have top stitched a bustier seams on the leather singlet. I wanted to illude to underwear while still keeping the 1950's style to the colthes.
I love this fabric. The colour (better in real life) and texture is very soft. I love the feathery pattern. I think this kind of fabric gives my garments a point of difference that the target market will appreciate.
I have been experimenting with heat transfer paper onto cotton fabric. The pattern was quite sucessful althought I think my pattern would look better with more colour. This pattern would look good all over the fabric, like a digital print.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Line Up Drawings

I want make the whole line up with black background, or like a contact sheet. Perhaps more cropping of the heads, so the gender is unidentifiable. No gaze from the viewer makes the images look more voyeuristic.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pin Up Boys

In the 50's there was only pin up girls. It objectified women. Now days there is also objectifying men for the woman's pleasure. I want to look at putting a male model in these traditionally "pin up" positions to show my gender bending theme.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cindy Sherman's Film Stills

I have been looking at Cindy Sherman because of the way she depicts women. The angles, poses and settings are very important. I think this would be a good style for me to incorporate into my boards.

Untitled Film Stills # 21, Cindy Sherman, 1978. Sherman reveals gender as an unstable and constructed position, which suggests that there is no innate biological female identity.
Contemporary art often addresses conceptual concepts with political and social significance. Color and color contrasts can contribute to these conceptual meanings.

The American feminist artist Cindy Sherman (1954) is famous for the Untitled Film Stills series (1977-1980) that consist of black-and-white photographs of the artist posing in different stereotypical female roles. Although she poses for her photographs, Sherman’s pictures are not self-portraits in a traditional sense.

Sherman focuses on the consequences of society’s stereotyped roles for women — in this case as a victim of fashion — rather than upon the roles themselves.

Modeling in several roles, she reveals gender as an unstable and constructed position, which suggests that there is no innate biological female identity. On the contrary, women adopt several roles and identities depending on their circumstances. 

Information from

Mirrors, clothes and beds are all important to set the scene for the images.